Eiffel Tower Cocktail Party

Stunning cocktail evening venue

Cocktail Party

Location: Eiffel Tower

Client: Medinol

Attendees: 200

Medinol continued their theme of spectacular Paris venue selections when they hosted 200 cardiologists at the Eiffel Tower for a cocktail party in 2016.

The event featured keynote speakers and a panel discussion followed by an evening of fine food, wine and entertainment. Unique vocal theater act Voca People performed and thoroughly entertained guests.

Thank you Sagit and the SO&Co team for another super successful Medinol production for the fourth time now. You organized an event that was beyond our expectations and all in a professional, creative, and dedicated way. Your attention to detail from the smallest to largest item was exceptional and together it created such a successful event.

Ravit Kinamon, Marketing Communications Manager | Medinol

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