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Online events made easy and effective

No one knows for sure how long the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus will impact conferences and corporate events. Some people are even asking if in-person conferences will ever return.
We believe it’s only a matter of time until we’re meeting face-to-face again. As event production professionals, we’ve repeatedly seen the amazing things that happen when you bring people together under one roof (or under the same bit of sky).
The bonding, engagement and creativity of in-person events bring immense value to companies and organizations.

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The good news in a difficult time

Until we’re fully able to gather again, virtual events provide an excellent substitute for a wide range of conferences and events. Advantages include:
  • Short lead times – As little as a few days for simple events, or a few weeks for large and complex virtual conferences
  • Highly flexible –Changes can be made with little notice, in pace with today’s dynamic world
  • Wide reach –Easily and cost-effectively engage with a global audience
  • Convenient – Sessions can run for a few hours on multiple days, saving attendees from losing full days of work

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Turnkey solutions for virtual events

Our SO&Co Events team has produced dozens of virtual events with participants from all around the world. Whether you want to hold a standalone online Webinar or a multi-day virtual conference complete with keynote addresses, breakout sessions and sponsor booths, we can handle all the details.

Our virtual conference planning and production services include:

Pre-event planning and logistics

We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, and then arrange all aspects, including:

  • Select the best-fit platform
  • Develop event branding
  • Build the agenda together
  • Manage registration
  • Coordinate with speakers – including recruitment, presentation recording, content integration, dry-runs
  • Coordinate with sponsors and exhibitors
  • Organize and create entertainment, quizzes and other complementary content

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Real-time event management

Through our dedicated control center staffed with technical experts, we manage the entire conference from a central control room, and keep everything running smoothly:
  • Ensure all content and speakers are live/playing on time
  • Assist speakers and attendees with any technical difficulties
  • Administer all polls, quizzes and competitions
  • Coordinate Q&A interactions during sessions
  • Provide daily reports for ad hoc decision-making

Post-event follow-up

Virtual events generate a lot of data that we analyze and present in easy to use formats:
  • Generate graphics-rich, in-depth, reports on participation, engagement and more
  • Conduct post-event surveys
  • Provide data-based recommendations for future events

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