Bringing Business Events To Life

With our expertise in event management, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence, we are your partner in creating a seamless and successful event.

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Our expert team at SO & Co Events delivers unforgettable experiences that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impact on all who attend.

Our latest events

Payoneer IPO Ceremony
1600 Employees Celebrated Success

The event was also broadcasted to international employees at smaller events in NYC, Beijing, London & more. Key moment: the broadcast of the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony ignited widespread excitement.

Waze Offsite Gathering
320 Employees Gathered In Greece

A global offsite event, combined activities, and learning, highlighted by an information-rich conference and spirited swag. Evenings buzzed with live entertainment, dynamic parties, and team-building activities.

eToro Purim Party
3000 Guests At The Annual Purim Party

eToro’s Purim bash: ‘Flying to the Moon’ theme, custom spaceship ‘blasting off’ at midnight. With Marina Maximilian, Mr. Black, Jolie & Asia. Employees danced into an “out of this world” experience!