Our Work

Bringing Visions to Life: A Gallery of Our Masterpieces


Etoro, Purim Celebration, 2022

3000 Guests, Tel Aviv, Israel

To celebrate Purim, we hosted a ‘Flying to the Moon’ themed party, complete with a custom-designed spaceship that ‘blasted off’ at midnight. The event also featured special performances by Marina Maximilian, Mr. Black, and electronic DJs Jolie & Asia. The employees danced the night away and had an “out of this world” experience at this extraordinary celebration!


At Bay, Global Offsite, 2022

150 Guests, Cancun, Mexico

A dynamic global event seamlessly blending business and leisure. A one-day conference facilitated networking and insights, followed by a scenic riverside dinner and unforgettable party. Team-building activities like kayaking added to the excitement.


Cloudinary, Global Company Gathering, 2022

400 Guests, Kalamata, Greece

Our 5-day Kalamata event in Greece triumphed! A global conference, evening events, team building, and an unforgettable party crafted a unique experience, fostering bonding and networking in a relaxed setting.


Cato Networks, Offsite, 2022

250 Guests, Mitzpe Ramon Desert, Israel

The event began with a winery visit, followed by a transformation of the sandy desert into a Midburn-inspired tent with massage stations, a custom swag store, cocktail bar, and food stations. Campfires and live performances by Nadav Dagon and Ivri Lider enriched the evening, concluding with a memorable, lively party.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs


Payoneer, NASDAQ IPO Ceremony, 2021

1600 Employees, All Around The World

The main stage was set in Tel Aviv and simultaneously broadcasted to international employees at smaller events in cities like New York City, Hong Kong, Beijing, Germany, and London. Hosted by Lior Suchard, the evening showcased captivating performances by Marina Maximillian, Eden Ben Zaken, and Amir Dadon, along with a custom philharmonic ensemble performance. Notably, the broadcast of the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony ignited widespread excitement


JFROG, End Of The Year Party, 2021

1500 Guests, Tel Aviv, Israel

JFrog’s end-of-the-year party was a night to remember! With 1,500 attendees, a live concert, delicious food, a DJ, and plenty of fun activities, it was the perfect way to celebrate the year’s success. The energy in the room was electric, and everyone had a night to remember.


Rapid api, Global Company Gathering, 2023

200 Guests, Marrakech, Morocco

The initial directive was simple: “Rapid 2023 Kickoff – 5 nights, 200 global employees.” However, our destination became Marrakech, where an unforgettable week unfolded. This included meetings, team activities, parties, a Formula 1 car on the lawn, and a remarkable desert event. The Agafay Desert was transformed into an authentic Moroccan souk, creating an extraordinary experience.


Payoneer, executive gathering, 2023

220 Guests, Windsor, England

We welcomed a distinguished assembly of 220 top-tier executives, embarking on a transformative journey of 5 enriching days focused on growth and advancement. Among the highlights, an elegant formal gala dinner unfolded, accompanied by live musical enchantment and a poignant recognition ceremony. The dynamic program featured an exhilarating treasure hunt, spanning the Windsor landscape via 50 taxis, fostering team cohesion. A night of karaoke added notes of merriment, while a grand culminating party marked the crescendo of this exceptional week-long experience


McCann, People Of the Year party, 2023

400 Guests, Tel Aviv, Israel

The awards ceremony celebrated outstanding employee contributions with a captivating leopard-themed décor. It honored team members through well-deserved prizes and featured a mesmerizing performance by Noa Kirel, complemented by delightful food and beverages.


Cato Networks, Annual Sales Kick-Off, 2023

400 Guests, Berlin, Germany

Cato’s annual Sales Kick Off took place in Berlin, with 3 days that incorporated inspiring and professional lectures, teambuilding activities such as grafitti tours, beer tasting, trabi rides around the city and more. The highlight of the event was a gala dinner and “Employee of the Year Award” in the exceptional venue built by Frank Gehry, alongside the excquisite design that we embelleshed in the space.


JFrog's, Annual Swampup Gathering, 2023

450 Guests, San Jose, California

Hosting this event for the second time in a row, the Swampup in 2023 welcomed JFrog’s biggest clients. The 2 day event was filled with captivating speakers and workshops, state-of-the-art sponsor booths, happy hours and many other unforgetable moments.


Cato Networks, Company Beach Day, 2023

500 Guests, Caesaria, Israel

Cato employees celebrated the summer season with an extraordinary beach day filled with delightful surprises. The day featured a feast of amazing food and refreshing drinks, along with a range of activities that kept guests thoroughly entertained. From thrilling water sports to invigorating ice baths and soothing massages, the beach day created a memorable experience that highlighted Cato’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and harmonious company culture against the backdrop of the sun-kissed beach.


JFrog's, Annual Swampup Gathering, 2022

450 Guests, San Diego, California

In a sun-drenched California setting, JFrog’s signature annual event unfolded with a sense of grandeur, attracting a distinguished gathering of 450 of their most esteemed clients. This exceptional exhibition was nothing short of extraordinary, offering an enticing blend of meticulously curated hosted happy hours, riveting keynote talks, cutting-edge technological showcases, and culminating in a mesmerizing gala dinner accompanied by a truly remarkable show. It was an event that left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all fortunate enough to partake, a celebration that epitomized the art of creating unforgettable memories.


Cato Networks, Purim Party, 2023

500 Guests, Tel Aviv, Israel

Cato celebrated Purim with a pop-up festival concept where color was the name of the game for the exquisite design. Throughout the night, the guests danced and enjoyed the DJ’s music, in addition to the different attractions of them a makeup stand, photo booth, and a special performance by the one and only Noa Kirel.