Payoneer IPO Ceremony

1600 Guests, Tel Aviv, Israel



At the heart of this grand event was a lively main stage in Tel Aviv, sending its energy to a worldwide audience. The event’s grandeur expanded beyond Tel Aviv, reaching international employees in cities like New York City, Hong Kong, Beijing, Germany, and London. Through seamless broadcasts, the event united these diverse locations in celebration.

Guided by the renowned Lior Suchard, the evening’s host, the stage came alive with captivating performances by Marina Maximillian, Eden Ben Zaken, and Amir Dadon. Their melodies resonated across continents, complemented by a refined performance from a philharmonic ensemble. A highlight was the broadcast of the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony, creating excitement that crossed borders and connected everyone present.

With a blend of technology, art, and camaraderie, the event achieved its central goal: honoring achievements and the company’s shared drive. Across screens and performances, a sense of unity emerged—a testament to the company’s values and ambitions on the global stage.


IPO Ceremony & Celebration

Port Of Tel Aviv, Israel