Cato's Annual Sales Kick-Off

400 Guests, Berlin, Germany

Cato Networks

Annual Sales Kick-Off

Cato’s Annual Sales Kick Off in Berlin was an exceptional three-day event that seamlessly blended inspiration with team bonding. Attendees were treated to captivating lectures, fueling their professional drive.

In addition to the insightful talks, participants engaged in unforgettable teambuilding activities like graffiti tours, beer tasting, and exhilarating Trabi rides through Berlin’s iconic streets. These experiences fostered camaraderie and sparked creativity among colleagues.

The event’s highlight took place in an architecturally stunning venue designed by Frank Gehry. Cato elevated the atmosphere with exquisite design, creating a breathtaking space where inspiration and innovation converged. The gala dinner and “Employee of the Year Award” presentation added an extra layer of prestige to this unforgettable event, leaving everyone with cherished memories and renewed motivation.


Annual Sales Kick-Off

Berlin, Germany